Toronto Planters by Grace Lewicki


Special Events Planters

Special Events Planters Image
We know that every place and every gathering is special, but sometimes we are asked to take care of unorthodox or rare locations. This page is dedicated to all of you, who thought of being left behind. We crave for a challenge; we thrive when satisfied customers send us warm thank you notes for the job well done. Try us, we are ready, Are you?
Planter installation and service in Toronto and GTA.

Special Events Planters
Balcony Palm Planters Image

Balcony Palm Planters
Contemporary summer planters of Kentia palm mixed with ivy begonias & ivies

Chic Fern Planters Image

Chic Fern Planters
Modern chic summer fern planters for the elegant shady garden

Patio Planters Image

Patio Planters
Modern elegant summer planters of white mandevilla mixed with pothos neon

Porch Planters Image

Porch Planters
Modern chic summer planters of palm mixed with pothos neon, ferns & crotons

Ivy Topiary Planters Image

Ivy Topiary Planters
Modern classy summer planters of ivy topiary mixed with ferns & begonias

Veranda Planters Image

Veranda Planters
Attractive summer planters of English geraniums mixed with begonias & ivies