Toronto Planters by Grace Lewicki


Elegant Patio and Deck Urns

Elegant Patio and Deck Urns Image
Summer in the garden is a well spend summer... But if you want colour, texture, variety and no back pain, planters on your patio or deck will do the trick. Add a drip irrigation system to them and you might discover that urban gardening is not an urban myth, and it is fun... No I am not the herbalist and I don’t smoke :)
Planters’ installation and service in Toronto and GTA. Enjoy mobile catalog of classy Toronto containers and garden planters from city top floral and horticultural boutique. If you need any help please call our Toronto flower store.

Elegant Patio and Deck Urns
Mandevilla Planters Image

Mandevilla Planters
Toronto outdoor summer planters of mandevillas & annuals in classical urns

Green and White Planters Image

Green and White Planters
Modern dazzling summer planters of white wave petunias and green hostas

Topiary Standard Planters Image

Topiary Standard Planters
Modern summer planters of topiary standards of ivies, oleanders & lantanas

Pink Mandevilla Planters Image

Pink Mandevilla Planters
Toronto outdoor summer planters of pink mandevillas and sun loving annuals

Mandevilla Backyard Urns Image

Mandevilla Backyard Urns
Backyard summer planters of mandevillas and annuals in classical urns

Backyard Planters Image

Backyard Planters
Stunning summer planters of tropical leafy plants for shady backyard patio