Toronto Planters by Grace Lewicki


Main Entrance Planters

Main Entrance Planters Image
Summer planters definitely are the ones that stay with us here in Toronto for a long while. They are also most likely the easiest to create. The variety of plants we can use is almost unlimited with new cool stuff showing yearly. Your main entrance should never look ordinary and we know what to do to make it glow.
Give us a call, we will take care of the rest. Planters installation in Toronto and GTA.

Main Entrance Planters
Hot Summer Urns Image

Hot Summer Urns
Hot summer planters of tropical plants in modern urns

Mandevilla Urns Image

Mandevilla Urns
Summer planters of tall mandevillas in classical concrete urns

Orange Hibiscus Planter Image

Orange Hibiscus Planter
Striking modern summer planter of orange hibiscus in stainless container

Tropical Summer Urns Image

Tropical Summer Urns
Stunning summer entrance planters of tropical plants in classical urns

Tropical Lantana Urns Image

Tropical Lantana Urns
Striking summer planters of tropical lantana topiaries in classical urns

White Mandevilla Urns Image

White Mandevilla Urns
Summer Toronto planters of tall white mandevillas in classical urns