Toronto Planters by Grace Lewicki


Plants in Spring Pots

Plants in Spring Pots Image
Unfortunately the selection of suitable plants for spring planters in Toronto are still very limited; our unexpected frosty nights in April are almost standard, making it extremely difficult to be fully successful two years in a row. But we still try, still hopeful, that new variety would be tougher than the sissy we planted last year...
Installation of planters, garden pots and urns and their service in Toronto and GTA. If you need any assistance please call our Toronto flower shop.

Plants in Spring Pots
Blue Hydrangea Urns Image

Blue Hydrangea Urns
Spring planters of blue hydrangeas in classical urns

Spring Hydrangea Urn Image

Spring Hydrangea Urn
Delightful spring decoration of the front house entrance; blue hydrangeas