Toronto Planters by Grace Lewicki


Backyard Potscaping

Backyard Potscaping Image
Backyards are the outdoor oases for the families on the run. They are today’s sanctuaries for city birds and butterflies, first eco laboratories for future Davids Suzuki and tree huggers. They are family gathering spots where miraculously kids and parents can talk to and understand each other. They are also perfect places to experiment with newest trendy potscaping schemes.
Spring urns installation and service in Toronto and GTA. Enjoy online catalog of stylish Toronto planters from city fine floral and horticultural boutique. If you need any help please call our Toronto flower shop.
Backyard Potscaping
Blue Hydrangea Urn Image

Blue Hydrangea Urn
Rustic spring backyard urn of blue hydrangeas in classical container